In My Mind’s Eye

Photo credit to Christian Lue.

Poem by Joshua Jones

Faster, faster

shove it down my throat.

Implant the seeds of fear

So I may live your humble life.

My mind is clay

My body is dough,

Shape it how you see fit

Form me into a clone.

A clone of schizophrenic

Sycophants babbling insanely.

Babbling about a home

A home beyond time and space

A home with golden gates.

A home that rejects those who

Fail to fall in line.

Fail to be blinded

By hypocrisy and lies.

Lies you feed

To spineless worms

Writhing and moaning

Crying out for more.

More wet breath

Used to fertilize

The lilies, lilacs, roses

O my!

Deliver me unto paradise!

O Father,

Why can you not realize?

Please! Wake up!

Wake up and realize

Your sins tarnish paradise!