Indiana to Host March Madness 2021

With the men's basketball team sitting at 5-3, 1-1 in Conference USA play, the season still has much to play for the automatic bid. What doesn't need more time to decide is the location of this years NCAA tournament. The committee has made their decision that the Division-1 tournament will be played entirely in a "bubble" configuration.

Selection Sunday is scheduled to take place March 14th, and the Final Four will be conducted on April 3rd, with the championship game held on April 5th. When last year's season was canceled, the committee has worked diligently to determine a safe and affective way to be able to play this seasons games. Now that decision has been made and teams will embrace a concept utilized last year by the NBA when they had a "bubble" style atmosphere in Orlando.

There is still discussion on how the women's games will be handled and will most likely adopt the same notion. This still will require that all participant take extreme safety measures and practice high sanitation methods. If no setbacks develop this season could be fulfilled with the season ending frenzy called March Madness. Go Monarchs!

Photo courtesy of SB Nation