Let us explain: 'Doom: Eternal'

Courtesy Bethesda

Kyle Winfield | Staff Writer

With the smashing success of id Software’s “Doom,” released in 2016, a sequel was all but inevitable, especially given the game’s cliffhanger ending. Cut to E3 2018, and “Doom Eternal” is revealed during the Bethesda press conference, teasing a new environment, new demons and a new Doom Slayer design, but no new gameplay. That would be saved for later, Quake-Con.

The gameplay revealed during Quake-Con showed off several new features right off the bat, such as a grappling device, known as the “Meat Hook” that is attached the player’s Super Shotgun, which allows the player to quickly close the distance between them and their target in a matter of seconds, either from on land or while jumping in the air.

Also, a new wall smash mechanic is shown, letting the player break through specially designated walls to a new area.

Other movement mechanics displayed were a multidirectional dash that works on both the ground and the air. This can be combined with the Meat Hook to reach demons across large gaps or upon higher platforms. Speaking of, the environment also comes into play with movement, as the player can now climb certain walls and swing off pipes and other similar objects.

While movement is an essential aspect of “Doom," it is only half of the gameplay. The other half is combat. Returning from the previous game is the “Glory Kill” system, in which the player is allowed to perform brutal execution moves on stunned enemies.

Another returning feature is the use of weapon mods, which are attachments that add to the versatility of your arsenal, including a rotating barrel for your shotgun, a scope for the machine gun and much more.

But what would the player use that arsenal on? Why, demons of course. There are several types returning, though aesthetically updated enemy types, such as the “Pinky” demon, “Mancubus," “Hell Knight" and “Imps.” Then there are new demons like the “Pain Elemental” and the “Arachnitron,” which make their return from the original “Doom 2,” released in 1995.

On the topic of enemies, a new feature was implemented, described by the developers hosting the presentation as “Destructible Demons.” Basically, the enemies will show visible damage on themselves which correspond to where you shoot them on their body.

In a move straight out of Japanese developer FromSoftware’s playbook, “Doom Eternal” features an invasion system, similar to that of the “Dark Souls” series. This essentially allows the player to be invaded by another player, or two, who take the forms of demons in an effort to hunt the host player, adding some dynamic spice to certain gameplay encounters.

This system was revealed to be an optional feature, meaning that the player could go through the entire game without getting invaded, in order to enjoy a quiet single-player experience.

While the invasion feature takes inspiration from a recent series, the final revealed gameplay mechanic harkens back to an older time in gaming. This is the inclusion of a life, or “One-Up” system.

This is the only feature that was not elaborated on by the developers at the conference, but its function was revealed at a later Q and A. The extra life will allow the player to immediately play from where they died, rather than reloading a previous checkpoint.

These look to be exciting and dynamic additions in what was expected to be an already exciting game. While the game looks to be more of the same, despite the new additions, when “same” equals “fun,” more is never a bad thing.