Let us explain: 'Wow: Battle for Azeroth'

Courtesy Blizzard

Contributing Writer | William Campbell

Earlier this month, Blizzard released their latest expansion for “World of Warcraft.” This installment is titled: “Battle for Azeroth,” which would give one the impression that it is going back to the roots of the “Warcraft” series.

Well it does, but it also brings new things to the table and updates some of the old game systems.

One of the first things that Blizzard brings to the game is a new set of allied races. Now, a faction race isn’t that different from a brand new race. Generally, it takes fewer resources on the part of the develop than throwing an entirely new race into the mix.

The new races introduced into game are the Dark Iron Dwarves, Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves for the Alliance. For the Horde they get the Mag’har Orcs, Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne. To get these races though is a grind as you need to reach exalted rank with each respective faction.

There are also two other factions that are critical to the story of this expansion. The Alliance goes to Kul Tiras for the aid of their navy, whereas the Horde go to Zandalar to seek aid from the ancient empire. Both areas have quest lines that are dynamic and full of story.

Once the campaign is done for the faction you are playing as, you must reach exalted once more with your new allies. As for right now however, both the Kul Tirian and Zandalari Trolls are not available.

Another great addition to the “World of Warcraft” is the new player-versus-player feature known as war mode. War mode can be turned off and on at a faction’s capital, Stormwind for the Alliance and Orgrimmar for the Horde. Now, with war mode on, a player gets brand new talents that they can use to provide more aid during PvP around the world. It also grants a ten percent experience boost plus potential additional resources and loot from world events.

Speaking of loot, “Battle of Azeroth” brings a new item into the game called the “Heart of Azeroth." This item is the key to the power of the player in this expansion, allowing several pieces of gear to gain powers that will help them in combat. The way to level the heart is through normal quests and world quests, so it isn’t out of the way or hindering on a players’ experience.

For the people who enjoyed the old days of “World of Warcraft” they can experience it with the vanilla servers. Now the servers are not out yet and nothing has been announced when they will be released, but “World of Warcraft: Classic” seems to go back to the old days before the “Burning Crusade” expansion. Though once again, that is how they advertised it with the trailer on Nov. 3, 2017.

There are a few other things that Blizzard has added to their game, but nothing completely new. The level cap is now at 120. New dungeons and raids have been added and with the purchase of “Battle for Azeroth,” a player can instantly boost their character to level 110.

Another thing that needs to be said is, that purchasing all of the installments before “Battle of Azeroth” is no longer necessary. Instead, someone could just purchase a monthly subscription of 15 dollars and they will get everything up to “Legion.”

With all the new additions to the game, “World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth” is not lacking in content. It gives all players something to enjoy, whether it builds upon the already expansive lore through the new zones of Zandalar or Kul Tiras, frequent encounters with rival players brought by war mode and a way to increase their power with the “Heart of Azeroth.”

With everything already available upon launch, this writer highly doubts “Battle for Azeroth” will be lacking in content through later patches and the expansion will continue to keep the player base entertained.