Movie review: 'Slenderman'

Brooklyn McLain | Contributing Writer

Courtesy Sony Pictures

Since the creation of the famous urban legend, Slender Man, by Eric Knudsen back in 2009, people have been obsessed with the paranormal creature.

The character was initially created as part of a photoshop challenge on the Something Awful forums where participants were asked to create spooky visuals. Many people then began claiming to have seen this tall, thin creature in real life and it immediately sparked attention. There’s been everything from video games, to Creepypastas and fandoms dedicated to the eerie, faceless man.

And now after nine years of waiting, we finally have a movie adaptation.

The film takes place in a small-town in Massachusetts as four best friends, Wren (Joey King), Hallie ( Julia Goldani Telles), Chloe (Jaz Sinclair) and Katie (Annalise Basso) attempt to conjure Slender Man after learning about him from school friends. Slender Man is an eerily tall and thin faceless man that is known to prey on innocent children.

After briefly researching about Slender Man, the girls find a video online that is supposed to act as a gateway to the terrifying creature. Upon watching the video, the girls begin to experience hallucinations and worse: their friend Katie goes missing.

As the girls begin their search for their friend Katie, they each fall deeper into the wrath of Slender Man and find their own lives and sanity at stake. The movie is filled with creepishly disturbing images and scenes that make the audience question what they are watching.

“Slender Man,” directed by Sylvain White, was released on Aug. 10. It was originally going to be released back in May 2018 but was delayed for unknown reasons. The film’s budget is estimated to have been somewhere between $10-$28 million while bringing in $42.7 million through the box office.

The expectations were high for this film as fans have watched the character, Slender Man, grow in popularity over the years. However, after the film's release, the movie received much criticism for its lack of genuine scares and plot.

Unfortunately, the movie also received a devastatingly low score from American movie and television review website, Rotten Tomatoes. The film received a mere seven percent out of 100 percent on “freshness” because of its poor visuals and unfocused theme. The film did receive some positivity as 61 percent of google users claim to have enjoyed the film overall. Reviewers have praised the movie for its talented cast and creep factor but overall, the film was a flunk.

After watching the film, it is evident that the special effects and plot were anything but impressive. The storyline seemed to jump around too much and the recurring jump scares were a bit cliche and predictive. The casting was alright as the characters accurately portrayed average high school girls. The film just lacked genuine horror.

Overall, unless you have been a fan of the Slender Man legend over the years, and want to see what all the hype is about, "Slender Man" is not recommended.