ODU Men and Women's Basketball Taking Timeout

Photo courtesy of USA Today

The men and women's basketball teams have put a stop to game play and all related team activities due to recent positive Covid-19 test among a Tier 1 personnel. A Tier 1 personnel is any of the student-athletes, member of the coaching staff, and or managers present in day to day operations of the team's activities. These student-athletes and staff have made numerous sacrifices to prevent a situation like this from happening.

The "bubble" concept, which has been embraced and relatively successful at many other levels has not always been perfect. All participants have removed themselves from everyday activities while cutting themselves out from the outside world. These sacrifices have been made so players could fulfill a desire to play and to give us fans something to cheer for with such immense adversity the nation faces during a pandemic.

Head Coach Jeff Jones has the men's team playing phenomenal in the early going and off to an 8-4 start. While the women's team under new Head Coach DeLisha Milton-Jones works rigorously to pass on to her players and staff her professional brand ball. This season was suppose to help fans and students heal from the agony brought on by this untimely pandemic, instead it has caused continuous havoc and headache. When the season resumes, continue to show support by attending home games and rooting for your Monarchs while doing so in a safe and responsible way.

Mace & Crown's Carly Herbert released an article last week in the rising cases of Covid-19 on campus and how the Virginia Department of Health is monitoring the situation. For the time being, players and coaches are expected to take immediate actions in protecting themselves and containing the positive testing. Players and staff are subject to three test a week in accordance with Conference USA and NCAA guidelines.

When these regulations are compromised, prompt measurements are initiated. There has not been any additional information given on when to expect the teams to resume practice and return to play. The ultimate goal when the season began was for these games to be played with precedence on well-being and safety of everyone involved. Keep in mind that we all want to see our beloved Monarchs return to the hardwood, but would agree that the health of our Monarchs is number one. Go Monarchs!