Old Dominion’s gardening community continues to grow

Nicole Brailer | Contributing Writer

Students of the newly established Community Garden gathered on Tuesday, Oct. 2, to plant

their fall crops for a rich harvest this season. The garden can be found tucked away behind the

Virginia House dorms, where it is made up of three, eight by four foot beds. This season’s crops

include kale, lettuce, turnips, carrots, broccoli and purple cabbage.

Photo by Nicole Brailer

The ODU Community Garden is one of the more recent additions to the student community and

was founded by Elizabeth Trahadias and Andrew Butler. What began as a two students sharing

their love for gardening and knowledge about healthy eating, has quickly flourished into a small

community of students that gather at the beginning of the growing season to plant fresh

vegetables for a healthy yield of produce.

As if eating healthy, inspiring fellow students, and sharing a passion for gardening isn’t enough:

“One of the most rewarding parts of the garden is that all of the produce grown, is donated,”

said Trahadias.  

Photo by Nicole Brailer

Trahadias and Butler have donated countless bags of fresh produce to the local food bank in

Norfolk. As awareness of the Community Garden continues to grow, not only will the local food

banks enjoy the benefits of locally grown produce, but ODU’s IGNITE Pantry will also be

accepting donations. This will directly benefit the ODU students and faculty that face daily

struggles and challenges with minimal access to quality, affordable food. The students have

every intention of continuing the garden year-round and hopes of beginning a Gardening Club.

Photo by Nicole Brailer

To learn more about the ODU Community Garden, please email Elizabeth Trahadias at


To learn more about volunteering or donating to IGNITE Pantry, visit