Racist allegations shut down ODU sorority

Nia Taylor | Contributing Writer

Courtesy onlinevirginia.net

An Old Dominion University sorority, Alpha Phi, faces allegations of racist remarks and conduct on campus and Twitter. This past Friday, racially inappropriate tweets and behavior were discovered from the sorority Alpha Phi. Although the tweets are now deleted, one tweet was reported to contain the “n” word and the belittling of an African American member of the sorority. One picture was discovered to have a sorority member holding up a printed certificate that read, “Blackest White you will ever meet”.

The other tweets that were previously called out read: “A black girl just pulled my hair at the edge and if that doesn’t describe Norfok idk” and “Just sent Staci a bunch of pictures of black girls oh my God”. Another tweet stated: “You wake up in 1918, what job are you qualified for?”.

A letter was sent out from to students from the President Broderick, addressing the incident as “repulsive”. President Broderick goes on to state in the letter that the actions of the sorority members are being “reviewed by the University’s Office of Student Conduct and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, as well as the Alpha Phi International Sorority, which has suspended the chapter’s activities. Additionally, Vice President Neufeldt is overseeing an external review of the ODU fraternity and sorority community”.

Vice President Neufeldt quotes that, “Old Dominion University has zero tolerance for discrimination of any type. The University prides itself in fostering a community of inclusion that is welcoming for all. As such, this matter is under our review and has also been referred to the Alpha Phi International sorority headquarters, which has ordered the chapter to cease its activities until further notice”.

The Greek community and ODU has not released any more information on the allegations after releasing the letter. Contact for a statement from the Greek community has been met with silence. President Broderick assures students and the public that this behavior is not tolerated and does not represent what Old Dominion University stands for.

He explains that “these unacceptable actions sharply contradict Old Dominion’s values of inclusion, diversity, and respect for the dignity of others. Racist behavior goes against everything for which the Monarch community stands”.

The sorority is now under investigation as ODU reviews the Greek community system and the allegations that are faced against Alpha Phi.