Review: former SEAL's superfood blend a 'Smashin'' success

The supplement industry is a confusing and largely unregulated process. Nine times out of 10, what you buy online will either do exactly what it says on the label, or seemingly nothing at all. Big supplement companies feed off the uneducated masses, constantly producing products that promise everything from huge muscles to quick weight loss.

For the average person looking to get into better shape, it can all be a lot to consume, especially when most reviews online are skewed in favor of the business selling the products.

In fact, most review websites are based off the results of people who not only fail to understand what they are taking, but how it is interacting with their body in the first place. You can't really write about something you don't know, right?

As a life long fitness enthusiast, I was sick of spending hours researching a new health fad, only to purchase it and find out it was garbage. Wether you are just starting your fitness journey or you've spent years building yourself into pristine shape, nothing will cloud that motivation like wasting hundreds of dollars on false advertising.

I became jaded to the newest innovations, the newest weight loss tea or wrap, the ever changing diet trends that promised outstanding results without the hard work. Anything you do in life that yields positive results is generally hard, and fitness is absolutely no different.

So, when a few local fighters at my gym showed me the newest fad, the journalist in me kicked in and decided to see if it really did live up to its potential.

"Smashin' Greens Superfood Blend" was the brainchild of Pro MMA fighter and former Navy SEAL Mitch Aguiar. He patented the “Smashin Greens Juice Fast,” and the supplement was born out of a mixture he concocted while doing the fast.

The supplement works by mixing the powder with water and consuming up to four times per day, eating nothing else. Small allowances are made for black coffee, zero calorie water enhancer such as Mio or StrikeForce Energy and as much water as you'd like.

It's a pretty clean cut juice fast, which Aguiar says should ideally be done for five days for maximum results. The blend itself is a mixture of superfoods such as acai, spirulia, matcha green tea powder and many other vitamins and minerals essential to preserving muscle growth while simultaneously burning fat.

On a whim, I reached out to Mitch through Instagram and was shocked how quickly he agreed to meet and drop off the Superfood blend, which came out to about $79.99 (before shipping). The one thing I was told beforehand was to expect good customer service, although it is always a cerebral experience when the service is actually good. I had toyed with intermittent fasting for years prior to trying this, so I really didn't think I would be too hungry as long as my body was getting the nutrients it needed from the shake.

Intermittent fasting is a method of fasting popularized by famous athletes and actors such as Terry Crews. It's where a person eats all their meals during an eight hour window, and fasts for the next16 hours in between. This is thought to be a much more natural way to eat as humans developed eating this way for centuries.

I woke up on the first day and mixed my first drink around 7 a.m., adding a packet of StrikeForce energy for taste. The taste is overwhelmingly strong, so it is best masked with some type of sweetener such as Mio or something similar.

Breaking the rules a bit, I started to mix it with 10 calorie lemonade from Walmart, which I found greatly improved the taste while still keeping the calories as low as possible. (It should be noted here that each serving packs about 250 mg of caffeine, comparable to about three 8 oz cups of coffee. Keep this in mind when you take your shake in the evening or with other caffeine.)

I cruised through my day, with really only a slight loss in energy and the nagging desire to eat some carbs. I powered through the lunch time rush and made it back home for dinner a little more tired than usual, but overall not feeling sick or hungry. I woke up the next morning and weighed myself on my bathroom scale, and was surprised to see that I was down close to three pounds and 0.6 percent body fat. I was feeling refreshed, and a little taken by surprise by how well it had worked in only one day.

Over the next few days I would whittle my way down to about 8.5 percent body fat, an almost 2.5 percent decrease. As someone who generally walks around at 11 percent, the results were immediate and noticeable.

I decided to fast for one more day, losing an additional two pounds before breaking my fast with some light food. I personally walk around fairly lean, so losing too much more on my frame would have likely resulted in a bit of muscle loss as well. However, the proof was in the scale, and I couldn't deny that the numbers matched up with exactly what Aguiar said they would.

Although it seems a bit pricey for the average college athlete, when I compared the ingredients from his initial juice fast to the ingredients in the supplement, the price point was actually a lot cheaper. With "Smashin' Greens," you at least get a refined blend that lessens the texture, with the added bonus of caffeine to combat the lethargy you will likely feel from fasting.

My final thoughts on "Smashin' Greens" are overall positive. It lives up to the hype and does exactly what it intends to. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds of body fat for a photoshoot or you just want to fit into your bathing suit when the summer rolls around, it's worth toughing out a few days of bad taste for the overwhelmingly positive results.

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