Shining Light through the Charcoal

Neat, Proportionate, Meaningful

Virginia native Twan Dalasi is a profound charcoal artist who has given so much positivity and joy through his work. Twan has had the opportunity to create portraits for many prominent figures from musicians to social media influencers. In this exclusive interview Twan talks about art and how his passion has ascended him to new limits.

So I asked the 23 year old art mastermind when he knew that his gift was art. Twan shared that his upbringing gave him the motive to explore the gift of art.“The quality kind of just crept up on me over the years. I never would take drawing that serious. I just doodled a lot on worksheets and at home I would draw the shoes that I always wanted but my family couldn’t afford at the time. With all that said, I will say I noticed more of my high school peers noticed I was pretty good around 8th grade. So I had to be like 13 - 14”.

Just like many artists, Twan said that typically doesn’t view many others' work when it comes to art, but there are two that really connect with him. “ I don’t really like to look at other artist work unless they really stand out or have something in common with me. I draw with charcoal , so one of the few people I enjoy observing / get inspiration from is an Australian artist that goes by the name of Juno Dry. Search him on YouTube , you will be amazed. I also get some inspiration for my social media presence from an artist that goes by Jon Moody (@thejonmoody)”.

The process of creating these portraits can be time consuming and difficult in general. So, I asked Twan what feeling he gets when he creates a new piece of art and he stated that; “Honestly, I wish I could snap my fingers and just make an image appear. The finished product is what I’m going after and it can take a lot of time to get there sometimes”.

“Mentally, and the process definitely has its highs and lows”.

Some of Twan Dalasi’s favorite celebrity portraits included August Alsina and Roddy Rich. Kobe Bryant’s death devastated the world. The death also brought something out of Twan that couldn’t just stay within his imagination.”Like the rest of the world , I was completely shocked at the news of Kobe’s passing. The following days, which was no surprise, I would see artists all over doing Kobe & Gigi Bryant art. I initially told myself that I wasn’t going to do it.. but I eventually formed an idea and went with it. I just really didn’t want any personal benefits to come from the death of someone like I knew many people were doing. I just had to block out everything telling me not to and just go for it. It took about 2.5 weeks and 70+ hours to complete.