Students protest anti-abortion group on campus

Lindsey Lanham | Editor-in-Chief

Students protesting anti-abortion group on campus. Photo by Lindsey Lanham

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, anti-abortion group Center for Bio-ethical Reform began their days-long anti-abortion demonstration on Kaufman Mall. Billboards were placed directly in front of the Webb center, depicting aborted fetuses at various ages, while also displaying statistics about abortion.

Today, Sept. 26, ODU students stood in front of the billboards with their own protest. Some of the students held signs that read “My Body, My Choice” and “The Uterus is Private Property!”

“We are just here to show the reality of what abortion is, and that the preborn are human beings,” said Maggie Egger, spokesperson for the Center for Bio-ethical Reform.

Egger has been with the Center for about six years now, and said that the group visits between six and 10 colleges a year, showcasing what they call their “Genocide Awareness Project.”

“You cannot comment on an injustice you don’t know anything about. Especially when it’s not about a choice. Abortion is a choice, Black Lives Matter is about actual injustice,” said Mikaya Jones. The Center had a billboard specifically geared towards the black community, reading “All Black Lives Matter.”

“The comparison of genocide and holocaust, what Jewish people went through wasn’t a choice. Women who have had abortions, like my mother, feel bad about it. It’s [abortion] something people have thought about, and it’s just bullshit,” said Karter Carter.

“I will not stand for this, I will protest this, and I will create a petition against this,” said Amy Sigman.

The Center packed up and left at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday, only a couple of hours after the protest started.

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