Ten apps you need to stay sane in college

Fatima Rivera | Staff Writer

Whether you’re rushing to get a meal in before class, struggling to manage your busy schedule or in need of a way to pass the time between classes, here is a list of 10 apps you should have during your stay at ODU.

What’s up?:

Recognition of mental health is starting to rise. College is one of the biggest areas where one can develop mental health illnesses and dealing with it on your own can be scary. What’s up? is the app that lets users control a triggering moment with questions to answer, a diary to allow entries be written and quotes or metaphors that are given when you feel like it's necessary. There is also a game that can be played to calm one down during any stress.

McDonalds (or any food restaurant app):

Running out of flex points and eating at the dining halls can get tiring. Downloading a fast food app can help expand options as there are deals or that can give more for anyone with a college budget. McDonald’s is down the street from campus which can be the spot after a night out or a quick wake up before class.


Travelling for breaks or weekends is no easy thing. Waze is a GPS system that lets you know where there is heavy traffic or construction as well as police to help you avoid being pulled over. Waze is also community based so other users can comment what they see with more details on any situation.

Sworkit: Workouts & Plans:

Working out during college can be a bit difficult as balancing out a new schedule takes time. Sworkit is a customizable app that lets users select their own workouts and also the amount of time for each routine. Ranging from cardio to weightlifting, it can set one back on track and live a healthier lifestyle.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery:

You can now access Hogwarts with a simple touch as you assume the role of a first year who is on the mission to resolve the disappearance of your brother. You can customize your character and pick which house you belong in as well as attend classes and win house points for the House Cup. Players are given an energy meter that requires time to fill up so it can help anyone develop better time management skills as they wait to continue their adventure.


The lunch rush before class can get stressful when you’re aiming to be on time. With Tapingo, you can order ahead and skip the line or have them deliver to you anywhere on campus. It is available in different dining establishments throughout ODU and other college campuses in the nation.


While there are free shuttles available, some places can be too far for them to take you. Lyft is a cheaper driving app that lets you order rides and the car you want for a much lower cost. It is also user friendly and you are able to communicate with your driver more effectively than you would other driving services.


The popular website now has an app, and it has much more features that can help one be more organized than before. The app lets you see what upcoming assignments you have in a list and displays grades in an eye pleasing way. Homework is much easier to finish with a simple click.

Habit RPG:

Marketed towards students with autism, Habit RPG lets users transform their everyday routine into a game. Each completed action gives your pixel art character points and other skills to level up. Updates in the app are regular and the team behind the idea are responsive to its users with any questions.


Balling on a budget can be hard work. Mint is the app that allows you to sync with your bank account and create different budgets based on the categories. It also lets you know how much you overspend, sends alerts and has a cash vs. credit feature for those who are new with credit cards.