The Neighbourhood 'Wiped Out' Crowd at NorVa

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Fatima Rivera | Contributing Writer

Photo by Sean Matias

The NorVa opened their doors for The Neighbourhood fans on June 20, and crowds still attended, despite the heavy rain that fell throughout the night. The first two bands, Field Medic and Health, were the opening acts for the event.

Solo artist Field Medic is the alias for Kevin Patrick Sullivan, who was the first act of the night, swaying the audience with his low acoustic sounds. As fans continued to trickle in, his voice could be heard over people ordering drinks and begin to settle for the rest of the night. The venue also has a bar where drinks can be ordered for all ages and provide a sitting area as well.

Formed in 2006, Health is a noise-rock band from California, primarily composed of five members. Their opening sequence received positive remarks from the fans as they kept it suspenseful, and opened with a song that hosted an electronic beat mixed with some rock. Throughout their performance, more people listened in, until the entire place was cheering for them at the end of the set.

Photo by Sean Matias

As the venue grew dark, shades of purple illuminated everything in sight as each member of The Neighbourhood slowly walked out of the stage until Rutherford stood in the middle, kicking the concert off with upbeat energy. The band performed songs from their recent self titled album such as “You Get Me So High” and sang popular hit “Sweater Weather” throughout the performance, the band also played songs from their 2015 album “Wiped Out!” and 2013’s “I Love You.” Rutherford would stop and say a few words to the crowd, where it was met with screams, fans shouting out their love for the band, and giving the vibe a lighthearted tone despite the sad tones most songs cover.

Something that occurs in concerts is opening acts give a platform to rising or longstanding artists but most goers pay no attention to them since the band tends to fall under another genre. The NBHD’s opening acts were an exception as they both complemented the tones in most Neighbourhood songs, leaving fans to feel intrigued to whichever one they leaned towards.

The order of the acts were well coordinated, and The Neighbourhood's setlist let fans emotions range from happiness to sadness as the band performed hit after hit, making the concert experience a night to remember.

Photo by Sean Matias