The ring that watches over you

Courtesy Mashable

Daija Marrow | Staff Writer

Ring is a new security method sweeping into Hampton Roads communities. This piece of technology is a not-so-simple doorbell.

According to Neighborhoodscout, the surrounding Tidewater cities have high crime rates ranging from vandalism to homicide.

They are only within the top 15 percent of the safest cities in the country.

The average family household has home security wired through the house that costs hundreds of dollars a month. With this money, ads guarantee that the home will be safer. The act of keeping the home safer involves said company notifying the homeowner as a burglary or breach takes place. A phone call is sent to the approved number and the inhabitants are warned. It is expected that break-ins do not occur monthly so the monthly payments function as insurance until the dreadful event occurs.

Ring takes a different approach.

Ring is a $150-$300 video doorbell with a monthly fee of $3 - $10, depending on the desired plan. Like a normal doorbell, it is attached to the house for visitors to push. The difference lies in the sensor and HD camera. When a person walks near it, it begins to record before that person makes it to the door.

Depending on where Ring is placed, it could capture recording of activity in front of the property as well. The footage is saved to the free app downloaded upon purchase. With it, the events can be rewatched. If the owner has their phone in hand, they will receive a notification and be able to see what is happening in real time. This gives the owner free reign to monitor their home on their own in every situation and without the interference from a third party.

The voice feature associated with the hardware allows the visitor to speak with the owner through the doorbell. The two way speaker operates when the user answers the notification. There is no indication to the person outside of the door of the other’s whereabouts. If there is possible danger, the owner is able to see and address it without approaching the door.

The Ring has its pros and cons. The disadvantages start with pricing. All existing Rings are over $150 and prices increase depending on the quality of video, sound, style and doorbell tones. Quality is a price that needs to be paid with this product. Wi-Fi is required for it to work properly. Wireless Internet is what keeps the video remotely connected to the phone through the app. This detail may limit customers, but not by much since internet is a customary utility in homes these days.

Its popularity is growing within the community but it is still new, only being in the active market for five years.

The pros of this device revolve around its usefulness and availability. Ring can be bought from Wal-Mart, Amazon or the Ring website. The Ring made its first sale in 2014 and is likely to become as common as an Apple iPhone in the average home.

As time progresses, technology is engraving itself in daily accessories from doorbells to cars. This is a trend that should be monitored and taken advantage of in the early stages.