The top five apps for the college traveler

Natalie Hockaday | Contributing Writer

Who doesn’t like to travel and see the world? As a college student, it may be difficult to book a dream trip on a budget, but it is still possible. There are apps and websites that provide student discounts and other great deals for traveling.

If you are interested in traveling but are not a big fan of airplanes, you can still find options to cater to you. Greyhound is a bus system that provides transportation throughout the entire country at a very reasonable rate. Greyhound states on their website that they provide a 10 percent discount to students with their student advantage discount card. The greyhound student advantage discount card can give access to other student discounts while traveling and also other shopping expenses.

However, this card is not for free, there are different statuses of the card that is broken down by year. A one year membership is at a cost of $22.50; a two year card costs $32.50; a three year membership costs $42.50; and a four year card costs $52.50.

Airbnb is another app that allows people to plan their trips with having over five million listings worldwide. Airbnb has gained more popularity over the past few years due to their more affordable traveling prices compared to traditional hotels.

Airbnb is not a hotel reservation app, instead it allows people to reserve spaces in a hosted building (houses, complexes, etc.). Airbnb hosts breaks down their prices by the nightly fee that is determined by the host, a cleaning fee and an extra guest fee. Airbnb itself has its own service fee. Prices fluctuate depending on the reservation, however, the rates are typically at a lower cost than other traveling outlets.

Hopper is an app that is good for students to use when planning a trip. Hopper allows people to book flights, hotels and rent homes. Hopper simplifies the process of booking a flight by determining when the flight is the most affordable and the best time to buy the tickets and later sends a notification to the customer. There are tons of options for hotel bookings offered on their app that can be found based on a person’s destination, price range and style.

Hitlist is an app designed to organize and simplify the flight booking process for a trip. Hitlist has some of the most affordable flight prices. For example, to book a round trip from Norfolk, Va. to Tampa, Fl. on a trip in December for a week costs $66.

Hitlist breaks down the pricing of flights and compares their prices to what is considered the average price of that specific flight. Hitlist offers bookings internationally as well. Customers are able to book trips last minute without the worry of paying for an overpriced ticket.

Kayak is another app that lists affordable traveling expenses. The app allows people to book hotels, flights and car rentals. Rates are relative to the destination.

However, Kayak has partnered with and it gives students with a “.edu” email account a discount for rates and flight bookings. These apps also provide the convenience to book hotels/rental homes, flights and car rentals all at once. These apps provide students lower rates than the traditional flight websites and allow people to customize their trip to fit their needs.