The truth about the Webb's 'Gamer Den'

Daija Marrow | Staff Writer

The gamer is one of the many diverse personas that make up Old Dominion University. Have you ever walked into the Webb and passed through the center where an active group of gamers preside? It is the section where Big Blue towers, thumbs up, welcoming visitors. Most Old Dominion students are familiar with this section of the leisure spot. This group sits in crowds, surrounding either a large screen attached to the wall or the small box they themselves provided.

A common game that’s seen flashing upon the TV is “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” or “Destiny 2.”

Most of the time, these students are not quiet. They jump around, yelling with passion at the screen, and one another, as they accomplish a goal within the game. Heated debates rage from one side of the room to the other as ideals and beliefs are challenged. Hoards of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” enthusiasts hover over their mats between classes, indulging in the challenge of a new player. Others lie quietly to themselves, headphones on ears, encompassed in their MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) or YouTube.

When stepping into this part of the Webb, the persona of the gamer is absorbed. It has many titles, such as the geek, the nerd, the main protagonist or the genius. A fact that can’t be denied is that they are all proud of this identity. In this atmosphere, everyone is comfortable to be themselves and embrace what they love.

Don’t hesitate, step into the gamers den of the Webb and unleash your inner persona.

There are common questions asked by those who don’t frequent the gamer’s den of the Webb. Here, a few of those are answered. Gamers are more than happy to share the experience and invite those who are interested.

“People normally ask me what we’re always doing there. It’s simple,” Arial, the secretary of the Esports Club, said. “We’re playing League. We’re having fun.”

When questioned on why they sometimes get loud, Ty, a junior Computer Science major said, “It’s like when most people watch a football or soccer game. When something interesting happens, they jump. When a goal is scored, they scream. This is no different. We are enjoying the game with people who like the same thing.”

“When I’m not doing homework, in class or stressing over my financial situation, I’m in here making friends and playing Yu-Gi-Oh,” a student said. “Everyone is welcome here. Join us! We have cookies! Well no, we don’t have cookies, but we like to talk about them,” another student said.

The Old Dominion student body is a family that is united by their interests and personalities. If there is anything that Monarchs are all encouraged to do, it’s to be ourselves. The Webb is full of different personas, this group is one of them.