Three Things that Should be on Disney+ Right Now

Montrease Cottle | Contributing Writer

1. My Date with the President’s

Daughter (1998)

Remember Lizzie McGuire? Well,

think that and add secret service and a

full day of different adventures. This

late 90’s movie had everyone wanting

to wear a silk pink mini dress and run

through downtown D.C. just because.

A hilarious and cute love story that has the perfect ending.

*Currently not available for public streaming.

2. The Buzz on Maggie (2005-2006)

Remember that weird show about a school of fish named Fish Hooks? Well think that, but with flies. Maggie is the protagonist everyone needs; she’s always looking to spice up her day-to-day tasks. A feel-good watch for sure.

*Currently not available for public streaming.

3. Cory in the House (2007-2008)

Remember when two mischievous

blonde twins moved from a hotel to a

cruise ship in Suite Life on Deck?

Well think that, but in the White

House. When Cory Baxter (yes,

Raven’s brother from That’s so

Raven) moves to D.C. with his dad

who is the presidential top chef, he clashes with the first daughter in a Tom and Jerry kind of way. An original and consistently humorous show to watch. *Currently available for streaming on iTunes and Apple TV+.