TV review: 'The Purge'

Kenae Frazier | Contributing Writer

Courtesy USA Network

This article might contain spoilers from 'The Purge: Television Series'

If you thought the concepts of horror in film were getting old and repetitive, then you were rejoiced when James DeMonaco’s "The Purge" came out in 2013. It became a successful horror franchise that grossed over $447 million on four films. So, it really was a no-brainer to create a television series.

The actual purge doesn’t actually happen until the last 10 minutes of the episode, so the other 50 minutes is basically establishing the characters and how they plan on surviving the purge.

The first character we meet is Miguel, a US marine, who returned home at receiving a cryptic message from his sister about the purge. He believes she is in trouble and will do anything to find her.

Then we meet a couple, Rick and Jenna, who are looking to climb the social and financial ladder by attending this fancy party with rich white people smiling, laughing and talking about nothing.

Also, there is the wildcard character, Jane. She works in finance and seems to be the boss. She seems mean at first, but she really is scared to be working the night of the Purge, so she hires a purge assassin.

And lastly, we meet Penelope, Miguel’s lost in the sauce sister. She was a former patient at a mental health rehab center. She is planning to purge herself.

To be honest, this was not an episode that kept me glued to the television. There were too many filler scenes and not enough action. They basically took too long to get to the point.

For starters, Miguel is kicking ass and kidnapping people all to find his sister. Jenna keeps having these flashbacks about a lesbian sex experience she had with this mysterious character that becomes known as Lila. Then, the lesbian sex turns into a threesome with her and Rick. It was just weird and confusing.

Jane is the wildcard pick because she seems under pressure at work. She feels like the people at her job want to kill her, so she is planning to basically kill them before they can kill her It's pretty badass and really interesting.

Penelope really thought that purging yourself would be easy and painless. She was on the bus watching the boy before getting gutted like a fish, screaming and everything. It was kind of hilarious in a dark comedic way.

Does this episode make the series look promising?

Kind of. As a "Purge" movie fan, this show isn’t a home run, but definitely made it to second base. Hopefully, the next upcoming episodes can give viewers a better feel about the series.