TV review: 'This is Us'

Darian Harris | Contributing Writer

Courtesy NBC

“This is Us” is about the lives of three triplets Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) also known as the “The Big Three." The show also follows their parents Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and their late father Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia).

The show goes back and forth between showing their past as children and young high school teens and the present as adults. This season has started to also incorporate parts of the Big Three’s future, showing them as middle aged seniors.

The show is created by Dan Fogelman who has written on iconic animation films such as Cars (2006) and Tangled (2010). He has also worked on other drama series such Pitch (2016).

The season three premiere opens up with an unfamiliar male waking up and calling his mother pouring out his anxiety about an unrevealed special occasion. The show then begins giving updates on Kate, Randall and Kevin as they all plan to celebrate their 38th birthday.

The scene jumps to our second-born “Big Three” triplet Kate Pearson. She is desperately trying to get pregnant with her husband Toby (Chris Sullivan), but is unable to because of her weight.

The show cuts again to the youngest triplet Randall Pearson and his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) who have received temporary custody of their former adoptive daughter Daysha (Lyric Ross) whose biological mother went to court to give up her parenting rights.

Lastly we get our final update on Kevin, the oldest of the Big Three who has just slept with Beth’s cousin after Kate’s wedding. The two have been in secret contact with each since the fling.

Taking a blast to the past, the show gives quick shots of Rebecca and Jack’s disastrous yet sweet first date together at a local carnival.

The main element that attracts viewers to the show is the impeccable acting and authentic script writing that helps build the story and develop the characters.

The actors all bring a very key and special personality to their characters that brings the fictional role to life. Each scene feels very real and raw as though one can relate to exactly what each character is going through.

The script itself benefits by producing a sense of realness to the characters where it seems believable as to how they interact with each other and connect in every scene. The flow of the storyline is very easy and comprehensible.

Despite the idea the show moves from one time period to another, the writer uses those distinct moments to teach the audience more about the characters and show how their past still impacts them in the present.

The show has had a large following since the beginning, and each season makes you feel as though you are catching up with close friends or relatives. Especially as you start to get know and connect with these characters on a personal level.

It is exciting to see more what is to come with season three of “This is Us,” and to see more from the show in the future.