TV show review: 'Black Lightning'

Darian Harris | Contributing Writer

Courtesy The CW

“Black Lightning” is an action packed DC comic television series that follows the life of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), who, by day, is a normal family man and high school principal of Garfield High school. But by night, he is the suave and criminal fighting protector Black Lightning.

The series begins Pierce’s story as being retired from Black Lightning nine years ago in hopes of repairing his family by getting back together with his ex-wife Lynn (Christine Adams). However, this changes when rebel gang members of the 100 invade Garfield and kidnap his two daughters Jennifer (China Anne Mcclain) and Anissa, also known as Black Lightning’s fierce sidekick “Thunder” (Nafessa Williams).

Pierce realizes that the city of Freeland needs a savior and gets help from his mentor and inventor Peter Gambi (James Remar) and Anissa. They team up to put an end to the destruction of the 100 gang and their leader Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III), who murdered Jefferson’s father when he was a child.

The show is created by comic writer Tony Isabella who is the original producer of the Black Lightning comic book series in 1977 under the DC universe, which includes iconic characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Black Lightning is the first African American comic book superhero.

The season two premiere kicks off with a young black teen being murdered by Freeland police after he is pursued for possessing a drug called “green light”. Anyone who uses green light develops superhuman abilities and is mainly being abused by teenagers.

Meanwhile, Jefferson is being interrogated by the Garfield school board who accuses him of negligence of not protecting the students after an attack on the school by Tobias and Khalil (Jordan Calloway) also known as “Painkiller.” Ironically, Pierce was present defending the students as Black Lightning during the attack.

Lynn is in an interrogation of her own with an FBI agent who questions her knowledge about green light and the missing children who were imprisoned years ago for possessing superhuman abilities.

The show jumps to Anissa and Jennifer, who also possesses super powers passed down from her father. Jennifer wakes up to a terrified and concerned Anissa who shows a video of Jennifer floating in her sleep. Jennifer pleads with to Anissa to be discrete about her powers spiraling out of control but has already told both their parents.

What makes the show truly unique is the diverse cast and the eye-catching effects that pulls you in and makes the show great binge-worthy entertainment for the whole family.

The action scenes may not live up to what you see in the big screens but you can’t help but feel in the moment during the dramatics in every fight scene. The intensity of wondering when Tobias is face to face with our hero, if Black Lightning will come out victorious or will he fall into the hands of his nemesis?

The actors all bring a key component to the characters that makes the show much more exciting and enjoyable. Every actor incorporates a nice touch of their own personality within the characters that helps the show’s authenticity.

Many of the actors are well-known veterans but it is impressive on how each actor has made their character their own to create such a believable execution as though Black Lightning and the Pierce family truly exists.

It is exciting to see this season what else is to come for the Pierce family and Black Lighting and see if Jefferson can finally put a stop to Tobias and the 100 gang once and for all.