Two Shows to Watch on Apple TV+

Montrease Cottle | Contributing Writer

1. Servant (2019)

If you love M. Night Shyamalan, then you’ll

love this show. The show starts out with a

married couple who’s trying to cope with a

recent tragedy that has shaken their marriage;

when someone comes and shakes up the

already fragile relationship the couple have.

If you know Shyamalan, you know there’s an

unmissable and unforgettable plot twist coming that makes you see the bigger picture quickly.

*Currently has 2 seasons and new episodes release every Friday.

2. Dickinson (2019)

Love poetry but have a hard deciphering

old Shakespearean-sounding language?

Look no further! This show is a modern

twist on the renowned poet and writer, Emily Dickinson who is defined and adored for

beautiful words and similes. The story follows Dickinson’s life in her early 20’s as she begins her journey to becoming the poet we know today, breaking down gender norms and stereotypes along the way. It’s an entertaining and easy show to watch as the episodes decode and infer Dickinson’s meanings in her writings with characters and lines that sound like something you would say to a friend.

*Currently has 2 seasons and new episodes release every Friday.