Virginia is For Music Lovers

These artists are all amazing in their own respected and unique ways. But one thing that they all have in common is that each and every artist on this list is from the great state of Virginia. Here are some of the artists and songs that have been shaking up music scene throughout the different area codes.

Saekyi (Free Fall)

D$G Dae (10 Bands Stashed Away)

North Chesterfield (Smyth Knight)

Pressure (A.C Achardae)

2 Step (AyeeGuappp)

The Number (Young Crazy)

La luz F(in) (Kali Uchis) [Buscabulla Remix]

No Show (Nodis)

Virginia is the next destination up for music creation and innovation. These singles all represent how this destination can affect an individual in various ways. Each song is on all streaming platforms give them a listen.