Young the Giant get reflective on 'Mirror Master'

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Lindsey Lanham | Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy Elektra Records

A little over two years since their last release, Young the Giant has returned with “Mirror Master.” This album has Young the Giant at their most vulnerable and further solidifies them as a lyrically complex and unique group.

What feels like an extension of Young the Giant’s last album, “Home of the Strange,” Mirror Master brings forth more of their insecurities and leaves them a little unguarded. Instead of hiding behind metaphors and allusions, this time around Young the Giant are straightforward about their vulnerability.

Leading up to the release of “Mirror Master,” Young the Giant released a set of singles. Lead single “Superposition” is an unrequited love story. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia croons out, “I want you to want me,” woefully, giving the song a perfect sense of desperation.

“Simplify” is another single that was released beforehand. This song carries over the typical Young the Giant sound, uplifting and upbeat. Though they have established themselves as a traditional alternative band, the guitar riff gives “Simplify” an edgier, rock sound.

“Call Me Back” is a helpless ballad. Gadhia’s continuous, airy cry “Call me back” is repetitive, driving that lost feeling home. “Heat of the Summer” offers a joyous, light-hearted sound, and probably one of the most genuine lines of the album: “Feelin’ like it’s been forever since I’ve had my shit together.”

Other album highlights include “Brother’s Keeper,” “Tightrope” and “Panoramic Girl.” Each song offers something different to the album. Each song never really falls off kilter. They all add something different to “Mirror Master.”

Closing and title track “Mirror Master” gives the album a strong ending. It’s a little rock, it’s fun to sing along to and it showcases Gadhia’s vocals in the best way. It’s the most encouraging song off the album with lyrics like “You will be the chosen master / You will leave with the girl this time / You will be the leading actor.”

There is no true flop on the album. Each track offers something of its own. But along with that, there are no surprises on “Mirror Master.” At four albums in, Young the Giant has established a solid fanbase and a consistent sound.

Overall, “Mirror Master” is not the best in the Young the Giant discography, but still holds its own. There is no real low point as each song is unique in itself, but still manages to bring together a feeling of cohesiveness for the whole album.

Young the Giant are currently on tour and are set to hit The National in Richmond, Virginia on Nov. 4.