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Mace & Crown | March 6, 2015

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Faux News is Good News: Publisher Looking to Spoil Your Childhood

March 3, 2015 |

By George Plank Staff Writer   Last month, children’s book publisher Predictable House Publishing licensed the rights to publish over a hundred classic children’s books. Yesterday they announced their plans for the books in their domain. “We here at Predictable House Publishing understand that family comes first. It is important that even in this age of […]Read More

Profile: Dr William Whitehurst

March 1, 2015 |

He twitched his forefinger, which sent the propeller whirling on the front of his miniature Grumman TBF Avenger plane. Beside the model aircraft a younger William G. Whitehurst in his Navy bomber uniform stared out of a picture frame with glimmering eyes. “I know I’m not like anybody else at ODU,” the now almost-90-year-old Whitehurst […]Read More

Men’s Basketball vs. LA Tech

February 28, 2015 |

[FAG id=13782] Photos by Taylor NguyenRead More

Grab your popcorn: Project Almanac

February 28, 2015 |

By Chris Circeo Contributing Writer With “Project Almanac,” MTV Films tries to boldly go where it has never gone before, deep into the realm of the found footage genre only to realize it didn’t have much to say when it got there. Dean Israelite’s first turn at directing a feature length film starts with tech-savvy […]Read More

Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao: One for the Ages

February 28, 2015 |

By DeAndre Taylor Contributing Writer Finally, the fight we’ve all been waiting for has come. Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. will fight Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao on May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. It’s a dream come true for boxing fans as they will see two of the sport’s best fighters go […]Read More

FAA Opens Door For More Drones

February 28, 2015 |

By Ross Reelachart Contributing Writer On Feb.15, the Federal Aviation Administration unveiled their proposed framework of rules and regulations regarding small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which are commonly referred to as “drones” in the general public. The hope of these proposed regulations is that they will provide enough flexibility and leniency to allow average commercial […]Read More

Net Neutrality Widens Internet Doors

February 28, 2015 |

By Josh Whitener Assistant News Editor In a three to two vote, the Federal Communications Commission voted on a proposal Feb. 26th denying restrictions and creating the strongest open Internet laws by passing the “net neutrality” plan. The proposed rules prohibit Internet providers from limiting online trafficking or holding superiority over sites in exchange for fees. […]Read More

A Computer Science Maven

February 27, 2015 |

By Rashad McDowell Technology Editor A desk clear of any clutter, marred only by the presence of a couple papers. Chairs set neatly in front of that desk. Two computer screens lit up in the background top off the office of Dr. Michele Weigle. It’s hard to understand what a neat desk has to do […]Read More