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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Tyler Wrighteous: Making Music His Way

Tyler Wrighteous: Making Music His Way

Wrighteous leaned over the stage, passionately holding the microphone. The rapper had just finished a dynamic set at Kingdom in Richmond, VA, but he still had a few words for the crowd.

“This is what I want to do with my life. This is it,” he shared with the crowd. Setting the mic down, he stepped off the stage and was greeted with love, respect and admiration by fans.

This was June 30at Richmond’s music festival Epic Fest, and months later, Wrighteous still considers that a turning point for him. That’s the night everything came full circle. That’s the night he knew he was pursuing the right dream.

Hailing from Stafford, 21 year old MC and rapper Tyler Wrighteous grew up surrounded by music. With two musically included parents, music was unavoidable. Before rapping, Wrighteous sang in his school’s choir, but it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he began rapping. He hasn’t looked back since.

Merging his vocal abilities with complex yet relatable lyrics, Wrighteous is crafting his own path. He isn’t just making music for the stereotypical rap fan, but making music for all, even those that are often without a voice.

“Everyone has a story,” said the rapper. “No one wants to hear the story of a suburban choir kid, but why not? Wouldn’t you want to hear about people from your situation? Everyone deserves to be heard.”

Exactly one week after first arriving at ODU, Wrighteous released his mixtape, “The Path Less Taken” on Aug. 31, 2010. Since then, he’s only released one other mix-tape, “Live & Learn.”

Unfortunately for new listeners, Wrighteous’s “Live & Learn” did not wow the rapper like his earlier release did and is no longer available for download. “It wasn’t complete,” shrugged the rapper.

But he hasn’t allowed that to hold him back. Complete with the hit “Naya Rivera” that not only caught the attention of hip-hop fans but the actress Naya Rivera herself, he released “The Nice Guy EP” this past summer. He also has collaborated with many local rappers on a multitude of singles.

Wrighteous prides himself in being a diverse artist, possibly even surprising a few with his personal musical preferences. “Hip-hop bores me sometimes. Too many clones of Jay-Z or Kanye [West] for the past three –four years. I get tired of hearing that,” he said.

Wrighteous hopes to further introduce listeners to his diverse taste with his upcoming projects.

Beyond his musical abilities, Wrighteous beams with positivity. “If you think positive, you’ll get positive results. If you think negative, you’ll get negative results,” explained the rapper.

Wrighteous has turned the classic idiom, “cloud nine” not only into a more unique phrase, but a movement.

His phrase “Ninth Nimbus” is his unique way of not only reminding himself, but those surrounding him, to remain on cloud nine. Embodying  inspiration and passion for their dreams, “Ninth Nimbus” further unifies fans of Wrighteous.  Supporters of the positive message behind “Ninth Nimbus” are affectionately known as “Nimbus Niners.”

Through his undeniable passion and positive nature, ODU’s Wrighteous has proven himself as an unstoppable force. As fans new and old anticipate his upcoming release “Hall of Mirrors,” they can check out his current releases at The rapper can also be found on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

By: Dominique Bailey

Staff Writer