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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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A Monarch Voter Debate: Do The Right Thing

A Monarch Voter Debate: Do The Right Thing
Erin Sudek
Contributing Writer

The Old Dominion University Democrats held a mock debate in the Batten Arts and Letters Building on Feb. 23. The event was held to promote student interest in the presidential election and to encourage students to register and vote in the upcoming Virginia presidential primary election on Tuesday, Mar. 1.

Around 25 students attended this lively and lighthearted event.

“I already know who I’m voting for, but this could’ve been helpful for people who don’t know much about the candidates,” ODU senior Jamal Harvey said. “I talk to a lot of students around campus, and they don’t really seem to be aware of what’s going on in politics, and I think tonight definitely helped with that.”

voter debate

Monarchs participating in a mock political debate. Photo courtesy: ODU Democrats

Alex Scruggs and Ty Williams moderated the event, while the 4 front-running democratic and republican presidential candidates were portrayed by ODU Democrats club members Jacob Dafoe (Bernie Sanders), Claudette Woodhouse (Hillary Clinton), Armani Gladden (Donald Trump) and Jared Walker (Ted Cruz).

The mock debate was noticeably pro-Bernie as it was sponsored by the ODU Democratic organization, and the jabs at republican candidates were frequent. The acting from the students was exaggerated.

“It was interesting to see a funny point of view of the election, kinda like an SNL skit. I found it entertaining,” ODU sophomore Jenesis Harper said.

The debaters responded appropriately to the prompted questions about their stances regarding the federal budget, the Black Lives Matter Movement, gun control, abortion and planned parenthood, immigration and other current hot topics in the presidential election.

The students imitated the candidates with enthusiasm, which made the debate humorous yet accurate. They also dressed the part, especially Jacob Dafoe who wore a white wig to imitate Bernie Sanders.

“I really liked the satirical part,” ODU sophomore Kari Richardson said, “It was really funny to me how Donald Trump was portrayed.”