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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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Teeing Off at Topgolf in Virginia Beach

Teeing Off at Topgolf in Virginia Beach
Terrod Dillard
Contributing Writer


If you and your friends ever wanted to get together to golf and laugh at each other’s form, then you might want to check out Topgolf in Virginia Beach.

Topgolf is the latest entertainment venue to open in Hampton Roads. Their motto, “the ultimate in golf, games, food and fun,” captures the casual, friendly atmosphere.

At Topgolf, parties are placed into separated patios called “bays,” which are stacked on the three levels of the building. These bays are personal, outdoor patios with amenities including high-definition televisions and classy furniture, giving an aura of luxury, which makes golfers feel like the top 1 percent.

All guests must have an official lifetime membership card which can be purchased at the registration counter for a one-time cost of $5. The membership card acts as a debit card. Members allocate money to the card in order to buy time at a bay. Prices range starting from $25 an hour from 9 a.m. to noon, $35 an hour from noon until 5 p.m. and then $45 an hour after 5 p.m. to close.

When your time purchased runs out, the bay will go to someone else. Bay price is for a full hour of play in which you can hit as many balls and play as many games as you want. Games are 20 balls each. It is best to decide beforehand how long your party plans to play, as adding time can get expensive.

Topgolf games claim to embrace the casual side of golf. In general, skill level is insignificant as there is a game to suit anyone and everyone. The most popular game is Topgolf, which is a spin on the classic golf game and involves players trying to hit the most holes.

There are also challenge or contest modes, and there are at least 10 games to choose from. Experienced golfers will have an edge, but first-timers will still have fun with the close proximity of some of the holes. Clubs for both genders are provided.

The menu is essentially bar food, ranging from shareable appetizers to small entrees. The food is familiar: burgers, flatbreads, wings, sliders, sandwiches, salads and simple deserts. Although the food isn’t particularly unique, it is still full of flavor and more than filling.

Beverages are also the standard of an entertainment venue. Domestic and foreign beers are offered in standard bar sizes, and if you are feeling fancy, there are wines to choose from. An average beer will cost you $5 and cocktails start off at $9, which are typical prices. All other non-alcoholic drinks are Pepsi products and energy drinks such as Red Bull.

Service is hospitable and friendly. Surprisingly, for a busy Thursday night when all bays were filled, our waitress did not forget to check on us in a timely manner and make sure everything was well. There is potential for slow service, but the staff does well providing for their customers.

Topgolf is an interesting, unique venue with a casual environment, which can fit a family of four or a rowdy group of friends on a night out. Some budgeting may be needed, but when done right, Topgolf can be a good time and worth the cost.