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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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Campus Reacts After Fascist Group Fliers Posted at ODU Campus

Campus Reacts After Fascist Group Fliers Posted at ODU Campus
Staff Report

Update (March 31st, 12:30 am): Members of ODU Democrats and ODU’s chapter of NAACP spoke out during an interview on WODU Studios show “Straight No Chaser” on Tuesday. The vice president of the ODU NAACP chapter at ODU and community outreach chair explained his distress about the situation. He stated, “I’m not gonna stay silent on the situation. I know NAACP will not be silent, we’re never silent about situations that affect people that we care for. We’re still brainstorming on exact solutions. We’re trying to plan a rally, as soon as possible.”

Update (March 29th, 7:20 pm): A user by the name “Americana” indicated on the forum website in a post on February 26, 2016, that the Atomwaffen division of Virginia has been established. In what appears to be a separate incident, universities across California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey are reporting that similar one-page fliers were being remotely printed at office network computers, referencing the Daily Stormer, another supremacist group’s website.

Update (March 29th, 2:35 pm): The 1ODU Student Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board released this statement today:

Update (March 29th, 12:48 pm): In a joint statement sent to ODU students, faculty and staff, President Broderick and Student Body President Christopher Ndiritu stated:

Update (March 29th, 10:50 am): The Mace has received multiple tips indicating that there are additional fliers in numerous academic buildings on campus. Other organizations and offices on campus have been responding to the events.

Update (March 28th, 11:45 pm): Student organizations on campus have started tweeting and taking action in response to the fliers.

Update (March 28th, 11:15 pm): ODU Police have been notified of the situation and are actively investigating the matter.


The flier seen by students at a monorail pole between the Engineering Systems building and the Education Building. Photo via Twitter.

Multiple fliers were posted sometime over the weekend on the monorail poles between the Engineering Systems and Education Building, the Mace and Crown has learned from a student who wished to remain anonymous.

A student removed one of the fliers from the pole to show to his/her professor. The source, who shares a class with the student, was disappointed that the student chose to take a picture of the flier and remove it, rather than report it to the authorities.

The fliers read “Old Dominion University – You Have Been Visited by the AtomWaffen Division. Join your local Nazis! Find us at”

The online forum –, dubs itself as “the Online HQ for the IronMarch Global Fascist Fraternity and the Forge of the 21st Century Fascist.”

The Mace conducted a sweep of all monorail poles and numerous academic buildings in the vicinity. Our staff was only able to locate where two fliers were posted earlier and unable to locate any other locations having similar fliers.

If you have further information about this development, please e-mail the News Editor –

  • Many white men like myself have started calling universities “fascist factories.” I have to thank you honestly, I could never recruit for a cause such as this as effectively as you have as educators. Your “education” if you can call it that, causes a very opposite reaction in young white men who don’t sufficiently hate themselves and harbor enough weakness. Your constant demonization and naked hatred of whites is not causing us to check our privilege or become more sensitive and tolerant, instead we offer a middle finger and more increasingly, a swastika.

    • MillennialTrashCan

      Since the people running these universities have no ability to respond to an argument it becomes necessary to give them the proverbial middle finger in the form of that glorious cross symbol. Universities have banned all sorts of people who aren’t even on the right from speaking. Condoleza Rice and Christina Hoff Summers are just two examples.

  • Sensible Rabbit

    Those tweets are pretty funny. Nonconformity will not be tolerated, comrades!

  • MillennialTrashCan

    Why does fascism trigger blacks? Are these people not aware that Marcus Garvey was essentially a Fascist, at the very least an ardent admirer of Mussolini.

  • Savingrace

    How despicable! Who are these people that they think they have the right discriminate against students? Who are they to think their beliefs and values are more important? Who are they to use their position of authority to silence opposing views? These students made a good faith effort to share their beliefs with the rest of the student body, and the administration tears down their fliers and starts an investigation?! It’s almost like their Fascists or something…