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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Granby Social Club: 90-Second Food, 52-Foot Lounge

Granby Social Club: 90-Second Food, 52-Foot Lounge
Stef Wasko
Staff Writer

IMG_5646This month, Norfolk’s Neon District will welcome a new lounge bar and food dive to the up-and-coming strip of Granby Street. Although opening day hasn’t been announced, Landon Anderson and Guy Derenoncourt are eager to launch Granby Social Club featuring a night bar, greasy food dive and a Kermit-green, 52-foot lounge couch.

“People are pretty casual nowadays,” Anderson said. “And there aren’t many places to go for that night food other than Doumar’s or Cookout or a drive-thru.”


Granby Social Club in progress. Photo by Stef Wasko.

Anderson’s plans for Granby Social Club are two-fold: First, as an easy-going, lounge club atmosphere for groups of friends looking for a place to chill and grab a drink. Second, to offer cheap, tasty food for late-night cravings.

To accommodate the dual vision, the long and narrow club will be split in two. The smaller, front section will house the kitchen and concession stand, which will be, as Anderson described it, like “a


View from the loft. Photo by Stef Wasko.permanent food truck,” offering cheap, easy food options.

permanent food truck,” offering cheap, easy food options.

“We just want that delicious bar food… that’s not really all that healthy, but delicious,” Anderson said.

The menu was inspired by “drunk food” trends from all over the country and will include frito pies, tacos, hot dogs (including a vegan option) and pork sliders, all served on paper products and in 90 seconds.

The lounge and bar will be in the back of the building lit with the Parlor’s old Edison bulbs and moody, red lights. The decor veers from the popular, earthy, thrift store vibe with bold, gold walls, zebra marble countertops and the green velvet, cushioned lounge, which stretches 52 feet down the length of the building, making it easy for groups of all sizes to find a comfortable space. Of course, Anderson was sure to include plenty of outlets along the lounge for customers needing to charge their phones.


Green velvet lounge cushion. Photo by Stef Wasko.

“It’s classy, but also a little funky,” Anderson said. He said he hopes the club will draw a varied demographic from the area and that people come to hang out, even if they don’t plan on eating or drinking.

Granby Social Club will also offer a variety of entertainment options.

“You go out, but there’s not much to do most of the time,” Anderson said.


Decor in the loft. Photo by Stef Wasko.

To start, there will be a pool table and Ice Ball in the loft, with all proceeds going to arts education in Norfolk. There will also be a karaoke stage set up for those wishing to show off their vocal prowess. Anderson plans to sell Polaroid film at the concession stand and allow customers to use the cameras for free. He envisions one of the front walls in the club covered with photos of Norfolk faces.

When planning back in February, Anderson and Derenoncourt looked for what Norfolk didn’t have, instead of following the hipster, health-food restaurant trends.

“I looked at what was missing, what do people want?” Anderson said.

Although still waiting for the final paperwork for their ABC license, Anderson is hopeful that Granby Social Club will be serving up drinks and dinners before the end of April. The club will be open from 4 p.m.-2 a.m. During non-business hours, the building space will be available to local businesses and nonprofits needing a place to meet.