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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Moving On Up: A Word from the Mace Arts & Entertainment Editor

Moving On Up: A Word from the Mace Arts & Entertainment Editor

I had the privilege of working with many writers this semester as Arts & Entertainment Editor. We all shared and learned a lot from one another as we covered and wrote a variety of stories. From on campus to our local community, to the Hampton Roads area and beyond, the A&E writing team saw no limits in covering over 130 stories this semester.

Since January, the A&E writing team has more than doubled with 25 active writers getting their stories published this semester. This has allowed the A&E section of the Mace & Crown to be diverse in covering not just popular genres as music and movies, but also in-depth explorations of fashion, culinary, art, theater, literature and open mic events.

The A&E section of this last print edition of the Mace & Crown for Spring 2016 represents our entire team of writers and their willingness and dedication as journalists to search out a story to be told. With a focus on our campus community, this section recaps our story as a culturally diverse people engaging and challenging the framework of the world we live in through the arts.

I want to express a heartfelt thank you to each one of our A&E writers who have contributed stories this semester. Congratulations to Elizabeth Proffitt, Megan Snyder, Kimberly Bering, Lindsey Lanham, Rich Gabrintina and Star LaBranche on their promotion to Staff Writer this semester. Congratulations also to Megan Snyder who will be taking over as Arts & Entertainment Editor in Fall 2016.

Whether it’s Arts & Entertainment or another section of Mace & Crown, there is a story out there waiting to be told. Will you be the one to help tell that story? The doors of the Mace & Crown are always open. Join us. Your voice is waiting to be heard.

Adam Flores
Arts & Entertainment Editor