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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled Due to Risk of Exploding

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled Due to Risk of Exploding
Lyric Jones

Contributing Writer

Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has experienced a rash of bursting into flames or exploding, which has elicited action from Samsung. Specifically, the battery of the new Note 7 is at risk of exploding. A Jeep in St. Petersburg, Fla. found out firsthand when it was set on fire when a Note 7 exploded while it was charging inside the vehicle. The cause of the Jeep fire, and at least 91 other reported incidents, originate with the Note 7’s lithium ion batteries.

Lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries commonly built directly into smart devices. Similar to how normal batteries have a positive and negative side, lithium batteries have an anode (negative) and cathode (positive). There is a separator inside the lithium battery that keeps the anode and cathode from touching. If these opposite sides touched, it may result in an unnatural explosion. One of the few reasons this circumstance may occur is during the charging process, where overheating might catalyze an explosion. This is why a phone will display a warning if it is getting close to overheating. Minuscule errors made during the manufacturing process might be the most prominent reason for these recent mishaps, which allows the opposite ends to touch. The Note 7’s random combustions are most likely due to this faulty manufacturing.

Samsung reportedly recalled 2.5 million Note 7’s due to these unexpected happenings. Globally there have been 35 phones that have overheated and broke. Owners of this model of phone have been advised to switch their phones off and exchange it. There is talk that Samsung will be exchanging customers’ phones with newer and safer Note 7’s later this month. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will clearly denote that it is safe with a round sticker that will have a blue capital S on it. It will also have a small black box on the bottom almost directly under the S. Samsung will also be launching a database that will allow customers to check and see if their phone is from the safe batch or not. There has yet to be a formal recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7’s exploding are going to do some noteworthy damage on their revenue, which is exacerbated by reports of Galaxy Core Prime exploding in a young boy’s hands in Brooklyn, NY. Although this might be a negative for Samsung, it is definitely a positive for Apple. Once more people start catching word of Samsung’s shoddy manufacturing, this might lead them to distrust the company as a whole. While Apple products have their issues, they’re nothing compared to a phone bursting into flames while charging. This should serve as a warning, and the advisories sent out by Samsung should be taken seriously by all. Before enjoying the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, check if it is faulty or if it is denoted to be a safe device. As of Sep. 15, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an official recall notice of all Note 7’s sold prior to the recall date.