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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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The Dirty Buffalo Brings New York Style Near Campus

The Dirty Buffalo Brings New York Style Near Campus
Michael McCann
Contributing Writer

The Dirty Buffalo is a chicken wing restaurant that offers the flavor of western New York. It has been a local fixture since 2012 when it opened its doors at the corner of Colley Avenue and 42nd Street. It recently expanded its operations a block away, which now boasts a large dining room and video game area.

The website describes the place as a “restaurant featuring authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings; and a late-night food establishment where students and other night owls could enjoy freshly-prepared, home-style meals after 11 PM.”

This is indeed the case since the chicken wings are made to order. Unlike other restaurants, the chicken wings do not sit underneath a heating lamp. This ensures fresh, crispy wings that hold the moisture of the chicken but do not have soggy skin.

In addition to chicken wings, the restaurant serves subs, hot dogs and salads. The Dirty Buffalo stands out in Virginia for uniquely offering a Rochester, NY favorite: the garbage plate or, as the restaurant eponymously named it, the “Dirty Plate.” This dish consists of a piece of meat that rests above a bed of sides, such as home fries or baked beans.

Since its opening, The Dirty Buffalo has garnered much praise. It has been the recipient of Best of Hampton Roads in 2015 for best wings and placed as runner-up in 2016. The well-deserved awards are not the only measures of success for the restaurant.

Patrons entering the restaurant after 5 p.m. on a weekday are bound to see a room full of eager customers filling the tables and bar. The bar itself has a wide range of alcoholic beverages, which include a variety of beers that are popular in the western New York area. There is also a menu of mixed drinks that have names unique to the Buffalo/Rochester area such as Ellicott Station, Lake Effect Storm and Sabre.

The restaurant has 25 different flavors of wings.

There are nights that offer cheaper wings during limited hours. These specials combined with cheaper dishes like Poor Man Wings — french fries with a customer’s choice of sauce — make the food easily affordable for ODU students. The restaurant’s proximity allows for those late-night cravings to be satiated when campus options are limited.

The restaurant has up to a dozen televisions, where guests can catch different sporting events such as ODU basketball and football games. During the football season, customers can usually catch an NFL game every Sunday. The restaurant usually attracts a large following of sports fans from western New York that often cheer on the Buffalo Bills.

A large painted mural on the wall, furthest from the entrance, combines the two cities of Buffalo and Norfolk. One side is painted with Niagara Falls and the Peace Bridge, while the other side portrays a ship to represent the area’s military presence. A large bison divides the two paintings of the cities.

Customers can enjoy themselves with a robust atmosphere, good food and excellent service. For many hungry patrons, it might be difficult to find a quality, wing establishment. The Dirty Buffalo offers an authentic experience from owners native to the area where chicken wings originated.

The Dirty Buffalo’s new location is on Colley Avenue and 41st Street. They are open Wednesday through Monday.