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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Blogger Fashion: Trendy Meets Classic

Blogger Fashion: Trendy Meets Classic
Kim Bering
Staff Writer

Bloggers somehow manage to look chic every single day. Their daily blog posts and outfit details are proof of that. They are our fashion inspiration year round, but somehow manage to look even better in the fall. How do they keep up with it? As the leaves begin to fall most bloggers follow a fashion formula of accessories, ankle boots, sweaters and of course bold lipstick.

The go-to outfit for every blogger this season is a solid colored T-shirt dress, a plaid scarf and boots. They never wear too many patterns, but always add a little variety with their accessories. Its simplicity is effortless to mimic and is comfortable for class and tailgates. A solid colored dress with lacy socks and riding boots is one of the easiest outfits to piece together.

The comfortable T-shirt dress is everywhere, making the style easy to find. There are many varieties of colors, styles and fits for any taste. When buying a T-shirt dress, one of the most important things to look for is the color. Pick something that is not too trendy and can be worn with different accessories. Burgundy, emerald green, black and navy blue are great fall colors that bloggers faithfully wear during this time of year.

Blogger fashion always includes a range of accessories to spice up the outfit. No blogger leaves the house without wearing some sort of fall accessory. Popular Dallas blogger Amanda Miller from “The Miller Affect” pictured one of her favorite fall outfits with her recommendation for the best boots to buy. She wore a simple gray bodycon dress, a plaid scarf, designer bag, suede boots and of course, had a coffee in hand.

Everyone needs to own a plaid blanket scarf for fall. It is the most essential fall accessory that bloggers wear almost on a daily basis. It is perfect to add to a dress, top or sweater. It can also double as a shawl too, hence the name, “blanket” scarf. It provides warmth and style for so many outfit variations.

The next essential blogger item is boots. Everyone owns boots for the colder weather, but this season thigh-high boots are making a comeback. Wearing an oversized sweater with suede over-the-knee-boots is seen everywhere now! Online boutique Chic128 has faux suede boots for $55.99. They come in black, brown, nude, khaki, dark gray and blue.

But one tip for fall fashion is to be cautious of trends. Having a few chokers and lattice tops this season is justifiable, but keep your fall style classic. Then you can recycle the pieces into next year. Austin Blogger Jessi Afshin from “The Darling Detail” explains why she avoids clothes that are too trendy.

“I try to stray away from pieces that won’t evolve my wardrobe from one season to another,” said Afshin.

Trends are what continue to progress style, and we constantly see celebrities in the most demanding ones. However, avoid only purchasing trendy items. Bloggers’ fashion choices do include various popular items, but they pair them with very simple and classic pieces. Wearing a choker, bomber jacket, over-the-knee-boots, a lattice top and high-waisted jeans might be a little too much for everyday wear.

Blogger fashion constantly evolves each season just like the trends, but their style remains relatively classic. They have mastered the art of dressing smart and stylishly so they can recycle their pieces and wear them multiple times. Thanks to bloggers, we have daily inspiration of how to use classic and chic pieces to dress for the fall.