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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Monarch Style: Campus Holiday Style Guide

Monarch Style: Campus Holiday Style Guide
Kim Bering
Staff Writer

Holiday fashion is upon us. It’s time to pull out all the sequins, velvet and festive colors from last year. Sometimes finding fancy clothes that can be reused is difficult. Outfits for holiday parties, Christmas dinner and even New Year’s Eve are seldom worn anywhere else. The trick in buying festive apparel is to find pieces that can easily be recycled to wear year round.

First of all, know your holiday fabrics. These remain mostly untouched year by year. Velvet dresses, tulle skirts, suede coats, sequin tops and bright red dresses are a festive fashion lover’s bread and butter. Thanks to the current ‘90s vibe, these fabrics can be used year round when paired with the proper casual pieces like denim and cargo.

Wearing sequins and metallics can be especially tricky. They look more formal and seasonal. Even so, graphic designer and photographer Michèle Krüsi of the Fashion Fraction has mastered the mixing of metallics and casual wear. She used a classic striped top and a pleated metallic midi-skirt with an army jacket. This unique combination can double for class or a special event by taking off the jacket.

The pleated midi skirt worn by Krüsi is an example of one of the best pieces to find for the holidays. You can keep it in your wardrobe for other occasions and it can double as a casual or fancier piece. The color does not need to be green or red – any color that fits with your current wardrobe will suffice. It could be worn professionally for occasions like job interviews or classy holiday parties.

A surprisingly popular trend is the holiday romper. This a fun alternative from the habitual Christmas dress. The online shop “Hope’s” offers the perfect romper at $45.99. The “Leave a Little Sparkle Romper” has a tulle overlay of rose gold sequins, a beige liner, V-neck cut, long sleeves and pockets. This romper can be worn to any special occasion during the year.

Another useful holiday item to look out for is a velvet dress. Yes, it is very festive, but anything velvet can be worn during fall and winter, and maybe even early spring if it’s the right color. The trick is to avoid anything trendy or fancy. A fitted waist that loosely flairs out to just above the knee is a flattering fit for any body structure. Layers of accessories can be added to spruce it up too.

Holiday accessories are not much different from special occasion ones. Anything with gems, sparkles, festive colors or fur is perfect. Not only is emerald green a quintessential Christmas color, it is a popular shade for adding a pop of color to a simple ensemble. That plain velvet dress accented with an emerald statement necklace would stand out at a holiday party.

There’s nothing wrong with showing your holiday spirit with a gaudy Christmas sweater either. Believe it or not, they are very popular this year. Anything with jingle bells, Christmas lights, candy canes or Christmas trees paraded on a sweater is acceptable for December. Or, if tacky is too much for you, traditional holiday sweaters with cable-knits or reindeer are classically festive.

If you prefer more of a casual Christmas, then Nordic leggings decorated with reindeer and Aztec prints suffice. They are comfortable, yet festive. They also pair well with plain sweaters and riding boots.

Dressing for the holidays is a fun excuse to show your festivity through personalized style. Wearing sequins and velvet is completely appropriate for holiday parties, but can also be worn casually around campus. Cheers to recycling holiday fashion!