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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Monarch Style: The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Monarch Style: The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Kim Bering
Staff Writer

The 20th Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show dazzled the audience as per usual, but this year it took place at the Grand Palais in the dreamy city of Paris. Over 50 models walked the runway in six different collections of lingerie magic. The jaw-dropping show featured some the most successful runway models in the sexiest show in runway fashion.

The six collections of lingerie presented were “The Road Ahead,” “Mountain Romance,” “Pink Nation,” “Secret Angel,” “Dark Angel” and “Bright Night Angel.” These six portions featured the extravagant designs while pop artists Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and The Weekend sang for each collection’s segment.

The first collection seen on the runway was “The Road Ahead.” Collection Creative Director Sophia Neophitou said it heavily emphasized, “embracing this multicultural dialogue that we wanted to have about the techniques, the colors, about the fabric.” It opened the show with bright colors, extravagant feathers, tassels, Aztec patterns and even a dragon piece wrapped around the torso of model Elsa Hosk.

The next artistic collection, “Mountain Romance,” featured several floral designs and a “Heidi on the hills,” look, Hosk said. As Lady Gaga sang “Million Reasons” from her album “Joanne,” models strutted the runway with a doe-eyed innocence in their girlish stockings, floral wings and lederhosen.

The “Pink Nation” collection ran next, with Bruno Mars singing. It was inspired by the casual street wear that the Pink brand represents, but includes the sporty, yet feminine, aspect of the brand. With baby pink ribbon angel wings, sexy sports bras and chiffon track suits, this collection perfectly symbolized the playful casualness to Victoria’s Secret.

The “Secret Angel” collection featured sultrier designs while artist Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, sang throughout the segment. Lace cutouts, gray chiffon wings and leather emphasized a theme of temptation, as the bright reds and turquoises still held the playful element. This collection smoothly transitioned to the more seductive designs to follow.

“Dark Angel” was a collection that heavily focused on the sexy, seductive side of Victoria’s Secret as Lady Gaga made her way back to the stage. It was packed with extravagant black chiffon wings worn by model Taylor Hill and many sexy boudoir pieces worn by popular models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. What’s Victoria’s Secret without sexy, strappy lingerie?

Bruno Mars came back for the finale, singing “24K Magic,” to represent the “Bright Night Angel Collection.” Sheer, sequined body suits, an outrageous amount of crystals and the iconic fantasy bra worn by Jasmine Tookes dominated the final runway collection. The 27,000 Swarovski crystals and 450 karats value this bra at $3 million.

The amount of artisan ingenuity invested into the designs is astonishing. Custom costume designer Marian Hose has been part of the team that creates and constructs the angel wings since 2009. The time investment, creativity and skill in producing the looks requires nothing less than perfection.

“A wing can take anywhere from 30 to 400 hours, depending on how difficult it is,” Hose said.

Over 500 million people tuned in from 190 countries to watch this year’s show. Although the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been hosted at several famous venues, it has never been to Paris. The 20th anniversary held in “La Ville Lumière” was a huge honor for the production. Never one to disappoint, Victoria’s Secret dazzled the night.