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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Donald Trump vs. Hollywood

Donald Trump vs. Hollywood

Kelsey Walker
Arts & Entertainment Editor

While there’s no doubt that the mainstream media played a role in the election of Donald Trump for president, those in Hollywood have never shied away from speaking their mind.

A day after the inauguration an estimated 8,000 protesters took to the streets in Park City, Utah on the third day of the Sundance Film Festival. Led by comedian Chelsea Handler, those among the crowd included John Legend, Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon and Kristen Stewart. Legend held a Planned Parenthood sign reading, “We march for women’s rights.”

“I promise that we will take care of America, it’s the most expensive thing we ever bought,” a shirtless, fictional Vladimir Putin said on the Jan. 21 episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Alec Baldwin portrayed President Trump on SNL.

Alec Baldwin portrayed President Trump on SNL.

In December, Trump tweeted that “SNL” was “biased” and “totally unwatchable” following Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of the then President-elect in a skit that, coincidentally, mocked his use of Twitter.

He attempted to discredit Meryl Streep after her moving speech at the Golden Globes, calling her “over-rated” and further ranted on about the “dishonest media.”

It is often during periods of great civil unrest that artists of the world work tirelessly to express the voices of society. Despite his efforts to discredit and silence Hollywood, the media and artists, Trump does not stand a chance. Actresses, comedians, painters, photographers, writers and others have already begun to use their platform to advocate human rights, and we can only expect to see more opposition over the next four years.

At this time, we must look to the artists of the world and mirror their courage and outspokenness. Even in the face of direct criticism from the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, they have not backed down.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we must remember that through activism and art, the voice of the people will never be silenced.