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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Miki Agrawal Discusses Taboos of Menstruation at Strome

T.J. Thompson
Staff Writer

The word taboo has its roots from the Polynesian word tapua, which translates to menstruation in English. The Economics Club of Hampton Roads hosted social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal on Feb. 8. Agrawal focuses her current endeavors on ending the taboo of women’s menstruation.

Strome Entrepreneurial Center hosted a table of business and finance students. Prior to the luncheon, Agrawal spoke on campus with some of those students.

Agrawal was born and raised in Canada by immigrant parents. She cites growing up and watching their resourcefulness in creating opportunities as her inspiration to further her New York City business endeavors.

Opportunities she already seized are a farm-to-table gluten-free pizzeria in New York City, “Thinx,” a pair of underwear for women to wear during menstruation, “Tushy,” a bidet attachment for toilets and a reusable tampon applicator that is currently being developed.

When beginning a new business, Agrawal stated that she asks herself three questions: “What sucks in my world? Does it suck for a lot of people? Can I be passionate about the issue, cause or community for a really long time?” She followed those questions up with advice directly to students.

“When engaging with new opportunities, lead with how you can help them versus how they can help you,” Agrawal said.

When the luncheon concluded, students were able to engage and network with business and community leaders from around Hampton Roads. Find out more about Miki Agrawal at