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Mace and Crown | May 27, 2018

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Letter From the Editor

Julianna Wagner | Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

The Mace & Crown editorial board is incredibly excited to extend to you the warmest of welcomes.  With the coming school year will bring an incredible amount of change, and we are already proud of what we’ve accomplished. This will be our last issue as a newspaper. After this issue, in mid-September, we will come out with our first ever magazine.

My name is Julianna Wagner, and I am the newest Editor-in-Chief of this publication. I’m a junior at Old Dominion University and I’m absolutely thrilled to be editing for The Mace. I wanted this issue to be all about the history of Mace & Crown.  

When you’re walking across campus here at Old Dominion, I really want you to think about how this place has changed. I want you to think about how your time here has influenced the 87-year legacy that this publication has held, even if you were only here for four or five of those years. Do you feel different? When you look through this publication, consider the news we’ve experienced here as students, and what news was here before us.

As the Mace & Crown is a reflection of your time here as students and members of the community, we publish this for you. This newspaper has been a reflection of our passions, and we truly hope you enjoy it and continue to pick it up in the future once it’s a little different. Whether the writers and staff here do this as a stepping stone to our career or not, all of us do it because we love it. Hopefully, you see that when you’re thumbing through it. Thank you so much for sticking around with us throughout the years whether our pages were in black and white or in color.


Julianna Wagner