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Mace & Crown | March 22, 2018

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iOS 11 brings new features to Apple devices

Audra Reigle | Technology Editor

The latest version of iOS launched on Sept. 19. Like other big updates, it comes with its own set of new features. We’ve got an overview of some of the new features iOS 11 offers.

First time set up with new devices on iOS 11 is easier with Automatic Setup, according to Apple. If you have another iOS device, you can hold your new iPhone or iPad near it to automatically sign in with your Apple ID. Your personal settings, preferences and content will be imported to the new device. Manual set up is still available.

Siri has become more helpful through the ability to translate phrases, play music you like, offer suggestions and add dates to your calendar. Phrases can be translated from English into Mandarin, Spanish, French, German or Italian. If you tell her to play music, she could play something she already knows you enjoy or something new that she thinks you might like.

She can suggest names of things you’ve recently viewed or your arrival time when typing. Siri can suggest searches based on what you were reading and add important dates to your calendar. As she learns what you’re interested in, she’ll personalize suggestions for you based on your likes.

Coming later this fall, users will be able to use Apple Pay through Messages. Money can be sent or received through Messages with Apple Pay. The money is kept in Apple Pay Cash to be used however you want.

If you only have one free hand, the QuickType keyboard will make it easier for you to type with your free hand. By touching and holding the emoji or globe key and selecting one-handed typing, the keys will move closer to your thumb.

Even Maps has been improved with iOS 11. Lane guidance tells you which lane you should be in while driving so you don’t miss a turn or exit you need to take. Indoor maps have also been added for major airports and shopping centers to help you find restaurants and stores.

Photos have been updated too. Live photos allow you to loop, bounce or create long exposures for the pictures you take. New filters have been added to the camera.

iOS 11 is compatible with iPhones as early as the iPhone 5S, all iPads as early as the iPad mini 2 and the sixth generation of iPod Touch.