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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Hollywood Undead brings California to Norfolk

Brooke Nicholson | Assitant A&E Editor

Hollywood Undead, mostly known for making crude, humorous rock music, is back in Norfolk to bring fans some of the latest on what they’ve been up to in the studio. Currently made up of five members from Los Angeles, California, they used to be a few kids decided to post some of their early work on their Myspace page. The recognition of their work later encouraged them to release their first debut album, “Swan Songs” in 2008 after working on it for only a year.

“Swan Songs” received positive critical acclaim, but Hollywood Undead (originally “Hollywood” until they changed it for the release of the album) was having trouble finding a label that wouldn’t censor the raw and crude nature of their music. In 2011, they released their second studio album, “American Tragedy,” but without one of their original members, Deuce.

Since then, the band has released two more studio albums, “Notes from the Underground” that sold over 53,000 copies in its first week of release, and “Day of the Dead”, which peaked at number 18 on Billboard’s top 200 chart. The band has no intentions of slowing down, evident from a number of festivals, concerts, and tours they have gone on throughout the years consistently.

With the release of their newest album, “Five” (styled as “V”) just weeks away, the band has been traveling in North America on tour to promote their latest studio album dropping just before Halloween. Just this past weekend, Hollywood Undead traveled to Norfolk to give Undead fans a taste of what the new album will be like, and bring back some of their classics.

Before the show, Hollywood Undead was seen sporting around MacArthur Mall and the streets of Norfolk hours before they hit the stage. After doors opened at 6 p.m., opening acts Demrick and Butcher Babies took the stage to warm up the crowd before the main event.

After an hour of opening acts and set changes, Hollywood Undead opened up their part of the show with one of their new songs that dropped early September, “Whatever it Takes.” They mixed up their setlist with old and new songs, like hits such as “Been to Hell,” “Comin’ in Hot,” and a personal crowd favorite, “Bullet.” Everything they do up on stage is crazy. Their signature flag with an adorning dove and grenade is flown across the stage, and at one point in the show, Funny Man (lead vocalist) who was playing the keyboard during a song, opens up a beer and sprays it out into the crowd.

Hollywood Undead threw fans off with a surprise performance covering “Mary Janes Last Dance” by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, in honor of the late musician who passed away on Oct. 2. Towards the middle of their set, they spotted a young fan towards the front of the crowd and pulled him up onto the stage. The younger fan was personally interviewed on stage by one of the lead vocalists, Charlie Scene, about some of the kids’ favorite HU songs. Once the kid answered “Comin’ in Hot” as one of his favorites, Scene whispered into his ear to introduce it as the next song which prompted a harmonious cheer from the crowd, queuing the band to begin playing.

At the end of the night, the crowd chants and screams for the band to perform an encore. Hollywood Undead surprises fans once again with an old track but still a classic “Everywhere I Go” from their debut album “Swan Songs,” and then ends the night with “Hear Me Now.” Hollywood Undead has yet to disappoint fans with their shows or music, always energetic and ready to party no matter the circumstances.

Hollywood Undead continues to tour North America throughout 2017, with dates scheduled for early 2018 to appear in the UK and Ireland. “V” is scheduled to release Oct. 27.