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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Companies dropping NRA support following school shooting

Audra Reigle | Technology Editor


A social media outrage has caused some companies to drop their support for the NRA. This comes following the Feb. 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Fla.


Streaming services are among the many under pressure to drop their support for the NRA, specifically their broadcast channel NRAtv. The services under pressure are Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku, according to USA Today. Hollywood celebrities such as Misha Collins and Evan Handler started to pressure Amazon on Feb. 22.


NRAtv is the organization’s public relations channel. It offers 36 channels that cover topics such as politics, hunting and gun collecting. The most popular channels are in a talk show format.


The New York Times said that the channel’s hosts “spoke chillingly of leftist plots to confiscate weapons, media conspiracies to brainwash Americans into supporting gun control and a ‘deep state’ campaign to undermine President Trump.” It is a place in which pro-gun messaging is released, and those on the shows are Trump allies. The channel offers three dozen original series to its viewers such as “Armed and Fabulous,” “Frontlines” and “Under Wild Skies.”


A petition was launched on Feb. 23 to push Amazon to end their relationship with NRAtv. It currently has about 70,000 signatures of the 75,000 requested. The pressure even reached Twitter as hashtags #BoycottNRA and #StopNRAmazon trended.


Roku released a statement on Feb. 23 that said “users were free to choose and control which channels they download or watch.” Amazon, Apple and Google have not commented.


The NRA also offers several benefits to their members, according to their website. These benefits include insurance savings, a wine club, travel services and car purchases. Multiple other companies have cut ties with the NRA including Enterprise Holdings, MetLife and Symantec.


Even airlines have severed ties with the organization, according to the Wall Street Journal. Delta and United Airlines stopped offering discount travel programs for NRA members on Feb. 24. The NRA was also asked to remove the airlines’ information from their website. Enterprise Holdings, Hertz Global Holdings and Avis Budget Group also ended their discounted car rental program with NRA members.


The First National Bank of Omaha advertised a credit card as “the official credit card of the NRA,” according to the New York Times. The bank was among the first to end their relationship with the NRA on Feb. 22. Those who supported the bank’s actions and those who opposed it reacted on their Facebook page.