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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Can the 'Red Sparrow' fly?

Can the ‘Red Sparrow’ fly?

Erik Billings | Contributing Writer

Francis Lawrence’s newest spy thriller “Red Sparrow” takes flight with some turbulence and threatens to free fall into a head-on collision but saves itself at the last second. 

“Red Sparrow” is a generic storyline that leaves little room for something new or exciting to occur. But despite a regurgitated storyline, the movie delivers a good ending that leaves the audience satisfied but a hope that a second one is not in the distant future. 

Jennifer Lawrence takes the lead as Dominika Egorova and delivers a powerful performance who will keep you on the edge of the seat with every decision she makes.

Dominika Egorova starts out as the lack-luster ballet dancer who is betrayed by her co-star and left with shattered dreams. However, she did something unexpected of the stereotypical main character. She goes out for revenge, and that revenge was the redeeming scene that saved audiences from drifting off to sleep.

Praying for her defeat, Dominika is tricked by her uncle into joining a top-secret Russian spy program that is taught to bring anyone down with the art of seduction. Watching this will make you appreciate your weird uncle who gets you partially used socks for Christmas.

She is taken for a wild ride where pleasure meets espionage and with no surprise, the beautiful Dominika is a natural at. With her charming personality, breathtaking good looks and natural understanding of the human mind. She is quickly noticed and pulled from the school to be assigned her first mission, which may be in part to her creepy uncle being a head member of the Russian government.

Dominika is assigned to gather information on the CIA agent Russia now knows has an informant in the Russian government. Once she lands in Budapest, Dominika changes her sight not on the attractive CIA agent but on setting in place the perfect plan.

It takes a while for the movie to reach this point but you’ll want to hang on for the ride that follows next. “Red Sparrow” takes us on a wild ride full of ups and downs which raise thousands of questions which all come to light as the movie ends.

“Red Sparrow” ends with all too familiar scene but adds a final twist at that last moment which left jaws dropped open and big smiles as to what was unfolding. With a twist and ending like that, the movie deserves at least a one time watch from any fan of spy thrillers or anyone who wants a good watch.

You can catch “Red Sparrow” in theaters now.