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Mace and Crown | May 22, 2018

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Photo series: 'Time's Up'

Photo series: ‘Time’s Up’

Dariel Taylor | Contributing Photographer

Women have been dealing with issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, access discrimination and more terrible obstacles for years. The issues have been so consistent for so long it has been normalized, swept under the rug, laughed at or blatantly ignored even with facts surrounding a woman’s experience.

The “Me Too” movement has taken the media outlets by storm giving not just women in Hollywood more of a voice to speak out, but all women globally who have been mistreated because of their sex and gender.

My “Times Up” photo series is for women who are fed up, sick and tired of being sick tired, and done tolerating horrendous acts by men who have no respect for themselves or women. This photo series is also for the good men in the world who stand up and will stand up in the future against these horrendous acts against women displaying unity and sensitivity to the plight of women around the world.

The time is up for abusers, the time is now for women taking the power back and finding their natural born strength within, and time is on the side of justice.


As time goes by she realizes something is changing,

You can see it in her eyes that the leaves are changing colors,

But this season is different,

There is no cycle of summer spring winter and fall,

As the leaves fall her time falls not on deaf ears or on unforgiven ground but to the sweet sounds of jazzy tunes as the looking glass fractures by the power within her hands,

Splintering into a million pieces leaving a sight so pleasing and needed she swings and swings with all her might, fright, tears, and fears once held in her soul,

As glass continues to shatter she takes a pause, walks around, looks at her reflection, and thinks there is more to be done, don’t run,

The time is now and your time is up.

All photos by Dariel Taylor